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SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentice)

Under Graduate Course
Special Class Railway Apprentice(SCRA) Course Details
The  Course of Study

The Special Class Railway Apprentices undergo a 4-year training that turns them into mechanical engineering professionals India and its Railways can depend on.

The Course: SCRAs are trained as mechanical engineers. IRIMEE follows a sandwich system for training them where modern theoretical training is interspersed with on-job training at Jamalpur Railway Workshops. Jamalpur Railway Workshops is the biggest industrial setup of Bihar.

The Degree Awarded: SCRAs get a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering after successful completion of four years of training. This degree is recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education.

The Shop Sessions: The on-job training is conducted during the semester breaks of BIT, Mesra. During the shop sessions the SCRAs are attached to the different units of Jamalpur Workshops. Here they learn about the practical production, quality control and managerial aspects of mechanical engineering. They are encouraged to take up projects during the shop-sessions and make technical presentations.

The Syllabus for Theoretical Courses:

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Technical English Introduction to Computer Sc. Mathematics III Industrial Statistics
Physics I Physics II Electronic Circ.  Instrumentation Metallurgy
Engineering Chemistry Environmental Science Introduction to System Theory  Fluid Mechanics
Mathematics  I Maths II Engineering Materials Strength of Materials
Intro. to Information Tech. Engineering Graphics II Thermodynamics Engineering Measurements
Engineering Graphics I Basic Electrical Engineering UNIX & C Energy Engineering I
Engineering Chemistry Lab. Physics Lab Electronics Lab Fluid Mechanics Lab
Physics Lab Engineering Graphics Sess. II Electrical Engineering Lab Strength of Materials Lab
Engineering Graphics Sessional Workshop Practice II Engineering Materials Lab Engineering Measurements Lab
Games Computational Lab I UNIX & C Lab Energy Engineering Lab
Computer Lab Games Games
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Computational Methods Operations Research Engineering Economics Industrial Management
Manufacturing Processes I Manufacturing Processes II Heat Transfer Non Conventional Energy
Design of Machine Elements Computer Aided Design Theory of Machines II Automotive Engineering
Fluid Energy Conversion Theory of Machines I Design of Mechanical Systems Automation in Manufacturing
Theory of Structures Strength of Materials Computer Aided Manufacturing Industrial Pollution Control
Energy Engineering II Energy Engineering III Elective I Elective II (Refrigeration & AC)
Programming Lab MP II Lab Mechanical Engg. Sessionals NCE Lab
MP I Lab CAD Lab Project Automotive Lab
Machine Design Sessional Mechanical Graphics Seminar & Ind. Trg, Ind. Tour Project
Mechanical Engineering Lab I Mechanical Engineering Lab II Elective I Course Work Elective II Course Work

The Syllabus for Workshop Sessions:

First Shop Second Shop Third Shop Fourth Shop
Basic Training Centre(7 weeks) Prodn. Control Org. (2 Weeks) Diesels POH (3 Weeks) Technical Tour to Private Indus
Foundries (4 Weeks) Welding (2 Weeks) M/c Tool Reconditioning (1Week) Tower Car (3 Weeks)
Forge Shop (4Weeks) CMT Lab (1 Week) Millwright Shop (3 Weeks) Accounts (2 Weeks)
Test, Interview, Presentations Wheel Shop (3 Weeks) Drawing Office/RCF (2 Weeks) Crane Shop (3 Weeks)
Heat Treatment (1 Week) CNC at DCW, Patiala (3 Weeks) Hydraulics  (2 Weeks)
Machine Shop (2 Weeks) Stores (2 Weeks) Test, Interview, Presentations
Bogie Manufacturing (2 Weeks) Test, Interview, Presentations
Wagon Repair Shop (1 Week)
Test, Interview, Presentations



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