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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Claim Scholarship

NTSE claim bill form - downloaded from ncert (Feb 2014) : Click here

For updated information visit NCERT website -

Guidelines for Submitting of Claim Bills for Payment of NTS Scholarship through Internet
General Information
From this year, the awardees, selected in the year 2005 and onwards, will be able to submit their scholarship claim bill through internet. They need not send their claim bill through Post. The scanned copy of the filled in claim bill forms, mark sheet(s) of the previous examination(s) and details of bank account can be submitted using the ‘Online submission of claim bill facility’.

�� The scholarship is paid in advance. This implies that the awardee should submit their claim bill at the beginning of session for each year along with necessary documents. The scholarship is paid for a maximum period of 12 months in a year. For convenience, the period for payment of scholarship will now be financial year (1st April to 31st March) instead of July to June as written on the claim bill forms.
�� Please note some fields are compulsory. These are to be filled, otherwise the computer will not accept the form.
�� Two items ‘selection year’ and ‘claim bill year’ have been used in the software.
° Selection Year – The year in which you were selected for award of scholarship i.e. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 etc.
° Claim bill Year – The year (say 2008-09) in which you are studying in a particular class(say B. Tech. 2nd Year) and intend to submit your claim bill for that particular year. In this case 2008-09 is the claim bill year, Course is B. Tech. and Class is B. Tech. 2nd year.
For example if you were selected as an NTS awardee in the year 2005(at that time you were in class XI after passing class X exam) and now in 2008-09 you are studying in ‘B. Tech. 2nd year’, then in this case, your selection year is 2005 and claim bill year will be 2008-09, Course is B. Tech. and Class is B. Tech. 2nd year.
° An awardee can only submit claim bills maximum for a period of two years, one for the current financial year (say 2008-09), 2nd for the previous financial year (2007-08), if it was not submitted.
�� While filling the claim bill forms the awardees will notice that some of the items, like class/course, subjects studied, duration of course, name of school/ institution where you have studied, have options and you are required to select one option. In some cases, you can enter new option also. In all such cases you are requested to enter only first letter of the item and scroll down/up to look for the desired option you wish to select and enter. Do not try to enter new item if it exists.
�� The awardees studying in classes IX, X, XI and XII may note that software requires information in which Class and Course you are studying and duration of course. For Class and Course you may select and enter IX, X, XI and XII, as the case may be, the same information for both the items and as regards duration of course enter 1 year for each course.
�� It may further be noted that IIT and Indian Institute of Technology have the same meaning. If institutes have multiple locations, the name of city/colony may be written in the address and not against the name of institute, for example, <IIT, Delhi> may be written as < Name of Institute - IIT > and < City – Delhi/ New Delhi>.
�� Similarly you may write short name of subjects like <Phy for Physics>, <Chem for Chemistry> etc.
�� Please enter subject codes, wherever they are given in the mark sheet.
The awardees should take following steps to submit claim bill forms through internet.
Step1 – Getting the Filled in Forms signed from the Principal/ Head of Institution
�� The award letter is accompanied by four forms i.e. Form 1, 2, 3 and 4. Take photocopy of the four forms attached with Award letter and fill them. Fill up the information required in the forms. (Do not write anything on the original forms)
�� Forms 1 and 2 are required only once just after becoming NTS awardee. However, Forms 3 and 4 are to be submitted every year for claiming scholarship.
�� Paste one Rupee revenue stamp and cross it on Pre-receipt bill on the Form-3. Sign on the forms, wherever it is required. (Otherwise your claim bill is likely to be rejected.)
�� Attach photocopy of mark sheet(s) for the last (previous) annual examination or for two semesters, as the case may be.
<In case you are studying in class IX and submitting your claim bill for the same, submit the mark sheet for class VIII; in case you are studying in class XI, submit the mark sheet for class X and so on.>
�� Attach photocopy of the page of bank pass book in which bank name, your account number, branch code and IFSC code are given. IFSC code is required for inter bank transfer (say SBI to PNB etc.) of scholarship amount.
�� Get signed the claim bills from the Principal of school/ Head of Institution.
(Do not leave the bills with School/ College staff for onward transmission to NCERT.)
�� Keep the completed forms in a file along with original forms.
Step 2 – Scanning and Storing of Documents on CD
�� After completing step1, get the following documents scanned and store all these pages on a CD in JPEG format for uploading on NCERT website. (It will be possible at some cyber café or in the institute/college where computer system and scanner are available).
i) Forms 2 (Principal Certification) (First time only)
ii) Two pages of Form 3 (Claim bill) (Every year)
iii) Page of bank pass book in which bank name, your account number, branch code and IFSC code are given. (First time only)
iv) Both side of mark sheet(s) for the last (previous) annual examination or for two (semester) examinations, wherever semester system of examination exists. (Every year)
The software for submitting of claim bill does not accept the image file more than 1 MB. You are requested to take following steps to reduce the size of the image file as given below. You may repeat the process till the image file reduces to 40-50 KB or less than that.
How to reduce size of image file.
1. Click Start/Accessories/Paint
2. Click File/Open/Open the scanned image
3. Click on Image (on menu bar)/Stretch/Screw
4. Reduce Horizontal and vertical percentage by 50% or so
5. Save this image in new image file
6. Close the saved file
7. Right click on the new image file and click on properties to see the file size.
8. This file size should be close to 40-50 KB.
Step 3 – Getting User name and Password
�� NCERT website, where online bills are to be submitted, is a Pass word protected site. You need a User name and Password to access the site/application through which claim bills can be submitted. Password will be sent to you by NCERT. The awardees selected in the years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 have been included for submission of claim bills.
(In case you do not receive the Password for sometime, then contact NTS-II staff on phone 011-26562704.)
�� Invariably, your national level Roll Number will be your user name.
�� Now you are ready for filling the electronic claim bill forms (e-forms) available on NCERT website < Scholarship/National Talent Search Scheme>.
Step 4 – Filling and Submission of Electronic Claim Bill
�� Access the NCERT website. Open the application ‘On line submission of claim bill forms for payment of scholarship’. (It will be possible at some cyber café or in the institute/college where computer system and internet connection are available)
�� Login the application entering your User name (National Level Roll Number) and Pass word (to be provided by NCERT).
�� You can change the password at any time. Please do not disclose the password to any one except your parent. In case you have to disclose the pass word for accessing the website, change it immediately when you leave the computer system.
�� You will be able to view the window corresponding to your account. On the left hand corner, you will see your name.
�� The Left Hand Side of the window has the following hyperlinks:
o Sign out
o Candidate’s profile
o Change password
o Form 1
o Form 2
o Form 3
o Form 4
o Status of claim bill
You can access each of the above links by clicking on it.
�� Candidate’s profile provides basic information such as parents’ occupation, education, your school, etc. If you wish you can correct the information (which was relevant at that time) by clicking the Edit button given at the end of page. Remember, this information relates to the period when you were studying class in VIII or X at the time of selection as an NTS awardee. Please do not change the information as per the current situation except for the present postal address if there is any change.
�� Form-1 is the candidate’s acceptance Proforma. Access Form 1 and tick the certificate and submit the form by clicking Accept Button (One time only). This will allow you to access the Form-2.
�� Fill the required information as given in Form 2 of principal’s certification. You are also required to attach the scanned copy of the form. (The previous year awardee may just fill form and scan and attach it without getting it signed from the Principal.). Submit the form 2. This will allow you to access the form-3.
(Once you certify and accept the form 1 and form 2, their link will be disabled. However, the information will be in memory of NTS data base.)
�� Claim bill Form-3 will be opened. You need to fill up the required information like class in which admission taken, course offered, number and name of subjects offered, year of selection, year of claim bill, Name of School/College, details of bank etc as given in the form signed by the Principal/Head of the Institution. You also need to attach scanned copies of
° the filled-in bills( page 1 and page 2) and
° Scanned page of bank pass book
�� You can enter your current address or make any correction in the given address.
�� Submit the Form 3, and click for Form 4.
�� Fill all the entries like Class studied in the previous year (for which marks are to be provided), number and name of subjects offered, maximum, minimum qualifying marks and marks obtained in each subject/paper in Form 4.
�� Attach the scanned copy of the all pages of mark sheets.
(You will notice that some fields are compulsory for which you have to provide the information without which the computer will not accept the form.)
�� Finally submit all the forms. You will get submission number. Please note it.
�� You need not send your claim bill to NCERT through Post/ Courier. Keep this filled in forms in your file. NCERT may ask for the original bill in case of any doubt.
Step 5 - Status of Claim Bills
�� You can view the status of the submitted claim bills after clicking the last button ‘Status of submitted claim bills’ on the left side of page. You can edit the information till the status of the bill indicates ‘Submitted’.
�� Once the process begins at NCERT, you will no longer be able to edit/change any information provided by you. The status of the submitted bill will now show one of the following messages.
° Incomplete bill/ pending for want of more information
° Under process
° Sent to Accounts Branch
° Sent to bank for payment
° Scholarship discontinued for ever
The bill will be returned to the awardee with remarks “Incomplete Bill/Scholarship is discontinued”. In case the bill is incomplete, the awardee can edit the bill by accessing the web application by entering his/her user id and password. He/She will have to now click Status of the claim bill and go through the comments and send the necessary documents or bill as per instructions given in the status.
�� You need not write or call NCERT for the status of the bill. You may please check the status periodically (after gap of 7 /15 days) on the internet.
�� Finally your scholarship will be directly credited to your bank account on quarterly basis (approximately Rs. 1500/- for each quarter). The four quarters are:
° 1st Quarter - April to June,
° 2nd Quarter - July to September,
° 3rd Quarter - October to December and
° 4th Quarter - January to March.

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