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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Jharkhand


NTSE 2nd stage corresponde course + Mock Papers: Click here

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NTSE First stage result Updates

NTSE First stage predicted cut off 

- Students are requested to kindly fill up the online form after the ntse first stage exam so that we can predict the cutoff.


NTSE 2015 2nd stage answer key : Click here

Students are requested to fill the form so that we can predict the expected cutoff: click here

NTSE 2015 first stage result: click here



NTSE 2015 first stage expected cutoff: MAT: 39, SAT: 61

NTSE 2014 second stage expected cutoff: 95 - 101 (SAT : 65 - 68 , MAT 30 - 33, updated on 5th Nov 2014)- Students are requested to fill their marks here : Click


NTSE 2015 first stage expected cutoff: - (to be updated on 8th Nov 2014)Students are requested to fill their expected marks here after the exam: Click





NTSE 2014 first stage result: CLick here

NTSE 2013 - 2014 first stage test series. - Click here

S.No. Class Correspondence Courses
1. VI (6th class) session 2014 - 2015

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2. VII (7th class)session 2014 - 2015

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3. VIII (8th class)session 2014 - 2015

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4. IX (9th class)session 2014 - 2015 For Course and Fee: Click here
5. X (10th class)session 2014 - 2015

Correspondence Courses: Click here

6. NTSE 2014 Second stage (Second stage in May 2014 - First stage held in Nov 2013) Click here
7 Indian Citizens studying abroad For Course and Fee: Click here


Students are requested to fill their marks here so that we can project cutoff with greater reliability. Till now as per form filled,

The projected score by students are as follows:

MAT greater than or equal to 42

SAT >65

Language >33

As per letter dispatched by NCERT to state authorities on 6th december 2013, they have advised all state/UT authorities to make language subject as of qualifying nature only with 40% for General category and 32% for other categories in lang. Thus merit for first stage should be by MAT + SAT marks only.

They have "advised" with final decision on the state authorities. It is expected that state authorities will follows NCERT advisory.

Students are requested to fill the form whose link is given above.


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NTSE Jharkhand result: CLick here

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NOTE: The NTSE result is declared by the respective state authorities / NCERT. The updates on our website are for reference only.

NOTE:The projected cutoff are our own estimates and the actual cutoff can be obtainerd from the concerned authorities only.

The information given on the website should be verified and confirmed on its own by the visitor of the website.

In case visitor have prblem with the expected cutoff by ARYAN CLASSES, you should ignore.



NTSE 2013 second stage result - Click here

NTSE 2013 second stage answer key - Click here

NTSE 2013 (Session 2012 - 2013) First stage result Click here


NTSE 2013 (2012-2013) Second stage correspondence course and model papers for second stage as per new exam pattern: Click here (First stage held in Nov 2012)


NTSE second stage exam pattern have been changed


NTSE 2014 (session - 2013 - 2014, student studying in 10th class in session 2013 - 2014) first stage: Click here

SIA Scholarship (scholarship conducted by Singapore Govt, for 11th class studying students): Click here


Download Application form Form : Click here

Download Admit card: Click here

Only 10th class students are eligible

Student should collect admit card from the exam center 1 week before the exam

SAT and MAT each contains 90 questions, 90 minutes each

Fee: Rs 50 for General Category, Rs 25 for SC, ST.

How to enroll: Visit exam center and register. Pay in cash

PH,SC, ST candidates should submit certificate copy along with the application form.

Last date to register: 21st Sept, 4 PM

Answers to marked by only blur or black ball pen.

Reservation: SC - 10% , ST - 26% , PH - 3%

Total number of students to be selected from Jharkhand: 58

List oF Exam centres: Click here



Exam on 18th Nov 2012


NCERT NTSE 2012 - 2013 Notification: Click here

List of State Liasion Officer for conducting NTSE first stage: Click here

NTSE Result Details: Click here



The NTS Examination for the academic year 2012-13 will be held for Class X instead of Class VIII as it was in previous Year.

The amount of scholarship will be Rs. 500/- per month (as per MHRD guidelines).

 The state level NTS examination for the year 2012- 13 will be conducted on Sunday, 18th November, 2012.

The national level NTS examination for the academic session 2012-13 will be held on 12th May, 2013.

There will be 90 items in Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) at the state level carrying one mark each.

The qualifying marks will be 40% for general and 32% for SC/ST/Physically Disabled candidates.

Time allowed is 90 minutes for MAT and SAT separately.

Visually Challenged candidates are allowed 30 minutes extra time both in MAT and SAT.

The number of questions allocated for each subject will be:
Physics - 12
Chemistry - 11
Biology - 12
Mathematics - 20
History - 10
Geography - 10
Pol. Science - 10
Economics - 05
The questions framed for the SAT will be based on the syllabus for Classes IX and X as prescribed by the different examination boards

The NTS Awardees of Class VIII at National level are not required to appear in Class X examination again. However, the unsuccessful candidates of Class VIII (who has qualified at State Level but Not at National level) can now again appear
for Class X examination.


This is as per our information and understanding. The number of questions and other details can vary. - ARYAN CLASSES - LAST UPDATED on 31st July 2012.





  • NTSE for only 10th class -

  • NTSE Exam first stage expected on 18th Nov 2012 and second stage on 12th May 2013 . Exam in Mizoram, meghalaya, Nagaland and A&N on 17th Nov 2012 .

    Last Date for submission of application: 31st Aug 2012 - May vary from state to state.

    Exam only for class 10th.

    Last updated on 19th July 2012


This Year NTSE would be for 10th class and not 8th class.8th class students should wait for the notification

Notification will come in July 3rd/4th week.

For correspondence courses 10th class, click here

For correspondence courses 9th class, click here

For correspondence courses 8th class, click here

NTSE 2012 First stage result declared

State level NTS Examination Results for Class VIII 2011-12
Sl. No. Rank Roll Number Candidate's Name
1 1 121111636001 GARGI SINGH
2 2 121111537161 PRANJALI RAI
3 3 121110131097 MISIKA MISHRA
4 4 121111537019 PITAMBER KAUSHIK
5 5 121110101428 SWETA SARKAR
6 5 121110102280 SAHIL ANAND
7 5 121110102475 ANSHU KUMAR
8 5 121111537114 RAJAT GUPTA
9 5 121111537199 NAWAL MRIDULYA
10 6 121110512046 PUSHPAK RAJ GAUTAM
11 6 121111537226 UTKARSH RAJ
12 7 121110101214 VIMLENDU SINGH
13 7 121110102474 RAVI ROSHAN
14 7 121110103133 HARSH RANJAN
15 7 121111537156 NAVNEET GARG
16 8 121111515304 NEEHARIKA MISHRA
17 9 121110810035 DEVENDRA KUMAR
18 9 121110810053 PRAVIN KUMAR
19 9 121111537204 RAHUL
20 9 121111617046 ROUNACK KUNDU
21 10 121110534001 SOMIL ANSHAL
22 10 121111126107 UTKARSH RAJ
23 10 121111515008 NILENDU SHUBHAM
24 10 121111537071 SUYASH RATNA
25 10 121111537113 RAJAN RAJWANSH
26 10 121111537126 TANAY PRATIK
27 10 121111537132 SHAMBHAVI SRIVASTAVA
28 10 121111537198 MUSKAAN AGARWAL
29 10 121111921123 KESHAV RAJ
30 11 121110101069 SANSKRITI TRIVEDI
31 11 121111515038 BADAL AGRAWAL
32 11 121111537098 ARATRIKA SENGUPTA
33 11 121111537109 PRASOON KUMAR JHA
34 11 121111537153 LAVANYA PRABHAT
35 11 121111537155 MOHIT SENAPATI
36 11 121111537276 ANKIT KUMAR
37 11 121111617003 SOURADIPTA BANERJEE
38 11 121111636042 NADA MOIN AHMAD
39 11 121111921117 NILIMAY NIRBHIK
40 11 121111921122 KRISHNA
41 12 121110101281 AAMIR AHMD MAKKI
42 12 121110101426 ADARSH KUMAR
43 12 121110130065 EESHAN UPADHYAY
44 12 121110810054 PREMASHISH KUMAR RAJAK
45 12 121111537095 AKASH BHARDWAJ
46 12 121111537110 PRATYUSH SINGH
47 12 121111537112 RAHUL
48 13 121110101017 ABHISHEK MOHAPATRA
49 13 121110101044 ATHARVA BATWE
50 13 121110101086 AYUSH TIWARI
51 13 121110101409 PUSHKAR SINHA
52 13 121110103214 ABHISHEK KR CHOUDHARY
53 13 121110130072 SAURABH JAISWAL
54 13 121110810009 ALOK KUMAR
55 13 121110909009 ABHINAV RAJ
56 13 121111515230 ANMOL GARG
57 13 121111537037 SHUBHAM PRIYAM
58 13 121111537148 DAMINI
59 13 121111537157 NISHANT KUMAR
60 13 121111537206 RITIK ROHAN
61 13 121111921076 RISHAV KUMAR
62 13 121111921116 SHAILENDRA KUMAR GUPTA
63 13 121112122003 SAYAN KUMAR DAS
64 14 121110810012 ANAND KUMAR
65 16 121110101412 R SUDARSHAN
66 16 121110102141 ABHISHEK KUMAR
67 20 121110102178 ATUL MUNDA
68 20 121111921192 ADITYA KUMAR
69 21 121110101092 ADITHYA ANAND
70 22 121110130171 HIMANSHU LAL
71 22 121110512006 VIVEK KUMAR KANDEYANG
72 22 121110512033 ASHUTOSH KUMAR
73 23 121111324015 PREM KUMAR BADAL
74 23 121111537119 SANJEEDA KHATOON
75 25 121110101223 MANDA ROCHISH
76 25 121110102065 PRIYA AGRAWAL
77 26 121110810021 ASHISH KUMAR MANJHI
78 26 121110810036 DWARIKA LOHRA
79 27 121110130059 ABHISHEK KUMAR
80 27 121111537162 PREETAM KUMAR
81 29 121110810063 RAJNIKANT KUMAR
82 30 121111007007 PRIYANKA RANI
83 30 121111516147 YASH RAJ KARTHIKEY


NTSE 2012 second stage correspondence course: Click here

Students of 8th class of session 2012-2013: Click here

Students of 7th class of session 2012-2013: Click here

Students of 6th class of session 2012-2013: Click here


Notification released for NTSE 2011 - 2012 i.e. NTSE 2012 by NCERT- Click here

NTSE 2011 Second stage result declared -: Click here , pdf file (click here)

First stage:

There can be some error in the name of the student

S.No Student Name School  
Jamshedpur (1)      
1. Aditya Paul Little Flower School  
Dhanbad (4)      
1. Ursh Maiti Carmel School , Digwadih  
2. Deepak Kumar Tiyu Rajkamal Sarawati Vidya Mandir  
3. Priyanshu Singh De Nobili School, Digwadih  
4. Amitesh Anand De Nobili School, Digwadih  
Ranchi (22)      
1. P N Aditya Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
2. Pandey Nilesh Prasad Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
3. Kumar Surabh Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
4. Vaibhavi / Vibhuti Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
5. Akarsh (or Abhishek) Rastogi Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
6. Payal Priyadarshini Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali  
7. Aditya Saumya Bishop Westcott Girls School  
8. Anurag Samuel Demta Tender Heart School, Namkum  
9. Pranjal Prasun DAV, Hehal  
10. Abhinav Kumar St Xavier, Doranda  
11. Mayank Khaitan St Thomas School, Dhurva  
12. Amar Prakash DAv Gandhinagar  
13. Subham Prasad Cambrian Public School  
14. Abhishek Kujur DAV, Hehal  
15. Jaysen Marandi Kairali School  
16. Rishab Raj Dev DPS, Ranchi  
17. Samyak DPS  
18. Saurabh Raj DPS, Ranchi  
19. Pratysuh Anand DPS, Ranchi  
20. Mayank Raj DPS, Dhurva  
21. Subham Raj Thomas School, Dhurva  
22. Shaini Galeria Kulu Loreto convent school  
Other Districts      
1. Akash Kumar Rao Netarhat Residential College  
  Anup Purti Netarhat Residential College  
  Ritu Ranjan Urao Netarhat Residential College  
  Rajeev Ranjan Singh Netarhat Residential College  
  Surya Prakash Kujur Netarhat Residential College  
  Sanju Urao Netarhat Residential College  
  Suraj Pratap Singh Netarhat Residential College  
  Sandeep Toppo Netarhat Residential College  
  Subham Sumit Netarhat Residential College  
  Umesh Kumar Netarhat Residential College  
  Nikhil Tirkey Sacred Heart School, Palamu  
  Vishal Lakra Sacred Heart School, Palamu  
  Abhay Ranjan Sainik School, Tilaiya, Kodarma  
  Sahil Verma St Xaviers School, Bokaro  
  Gulshan Raja St Xaviers School, Bokaro  
  Ashish Kumar St Xaviers School, Bokaro  
  Abhinav Pal Kongri St Xaviers School, Bokaro  
  Ananya Bandopadhyaya St Xaviers School, Bokaro  
  Suraj Prakash Guru Govind Singh School, Bokaro  
  Abshishek Chattopadhyay Chinmay Vidyalaya Bokaro  
  Samujwal Naskar Chinmay Vidyalaya Bokaro  
  Abhiraj DPS Sector 4 Bokaro  
  Rishab Anand DPS Sector 4 Bokaro  
  Sashwat Krishna DPS Sector 4 Bokaro  
  Ankit Raj DPS Sector 4 Bokaro  
  Atul Kumar DPS Bokaro  
  Devaditya Mohanty DPS Bokaro  
  Suyash Mishra DPS Bokaro  
  Anurag Karan DPS Bokaro  
  Diven Bododu DPS Bokaro  
  Dishi Agrawal DPS Bokaro  
  Md Rameez Raja DPS Bokaro  
  Prasun Jha DPS Bokaro  
  Suyash Sekhar DPS Bokaro  
  Avantika DPS Bokaro  
  Harshvardhan DPS Bokaro  
  Pransu Agrawal DPS Bokaro  
  Sankalp Kurli PITTS Modern School, Gomia  
  Amratanshu Roy Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro  
  Aman Kumar DAV Bokaro  
  Kumar Utkarsh Chinmay Vidyalaya Bokaro  
  Prasun Kumar Sinha The Pentacoastal Assembly Bokaro  
  Utsav Anand Ramkrishna Mission, Deoghar  
  Ayush Raj Ramkrishna Mission, Deoghar  
  Raj Guru Ramkrishna Mission, Deoghar  
  Nikhil Utsav Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapeeth , Deoghar  
  Ashish Kumar Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapeeth , Deoghar  
  Ravi Kumar Meena Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapeeth , Deoghar  
  Ankur Abhinav St Francis Schhol, Deoghar  
  Nitin Choudhary St Francis Schhol, Deoghar  
  Subham Kumar Ram St Francis Schhol, Deoghar  
  Mayank Bhusan St Francis Schhol, Deoghar  
  Harsh Jerai St Xaviers School, Sahebganj  
  Rajnarayan Urao DAV School, NTS Barkakana  
  Tarun Meena DAV School, NTS Barkakana  

16 selections from DPS Bokaro, 10 selections from Netarhat Residential College,


In 2010 - 2011 , 82 students were declared selected for the second stage. Exam was conducted on 36 centres all over the state and 5121 students particpated in it.

NTSE 2011 Second stage Correspondence course: Click here


NTSE 2010 Final Result : Declared page - Click here , Download complete result file in pdf format: Click here

  • Jharkhand STSE Authority responsible for conducting the NTSE forst stage:

    Phone No: 0651-2315012

    Fax: 0651-2315012

    Address: Deputy Director (Secondary Education), Directorate of Secondary Education, Department of HRD, Telephone Bhavan, Dhruva, Ranchi, Jharkhand- 834004

  • You can also get the required information from district education officer or Govt Inter college of your district.

  • Notification released for NTSE 2010 - 2011 i.e. NTSE 2011 by NCERT- Click here for Details

Exam held in Nov 2009-Result Declared:For pdf file-Click here


Result available in Prabhat Newspaper, Dainik Jagran 5th Feb 2010 - First person to inform us about the result: Mr. Ajay Raj of class VIII, Naman Vidya School, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, Email:

Details of correspondence course : It includes complete study material, part tests, question bank, model papers and interview booklet.


Payment Options:

  • Draft in favour of "M/s Aryan Classes", Payable at New Delhi. You can also send us the cheque of ICICI / HDFC Bank (Add Rs 100 more in case paying fee by cheque/online).
  • You can submit the fees (online transaction ) directly to our ICICI Bank Account. To transfer online: Click here
  • Cash Deposit in ICICI Bank A/c. For details: Click here

Download Form: Click here

NTSE 2010 - (STSE - Exam held in Nov 2009) - Result not declared yet

NTSE 2009 Result have beendeclared.

Address: Deputy Director (Secondary Education), Directorate of Secondary Education, Department of HRD, Telephone Bhavan, Dhruva, Ranchi, Jharkhand- 834004



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