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Civil Services

Preparation Tips:

Civil Service Aptitude Test from 2011 - have been introduced. There have been more changes in 2013 (4 papers compulsory and 1 optional subject)

1. Planning: The examination procedure is lengthy and covers complete 1 year. Besides examination, the serious preparation takes around 1 year atleast considering proper good background. Student should start preparing seriously for civil service exam, 2 years before his/her planned first attempt in the UPSC.

2. NCERT books from class 6th to class 12th of History , Geography and Civics are very important. You should go through them properly. Economics (9th - 11th, concepts) NCERT books also clears lot of concepts and would be helpful in mains.

3. Reading "The Hindu" newspaper helps to develop your thinking in the desired manner. Beside Hindu read aother 1-2 newspaper and try to collect specific terms, knowledge, statements and issues. But try to follow the language used in the "THE HINDU" . Indian Express is also good newspaper. In addition to these you can read other newspaper / magazine if interested.

4. Monthly news magazines and magazines like Yojana / Kurushetra / Chronical / Times and CSR are useful but they are not the alternative of the newspaper.

5. Year Book like Manorama , Upkar Publication. - Try to cover topics including news, current affairs, Science and technology. Do not get into details of countries chapter.

6. Hear news daily at proper news channels and not masala news channels. DD News is one of the best news channel. You can also read news from AIR website. News on AIR Gold channel is also good.

7. In long run, watching channels like Discovery, History Channels helps you a lot.

8. Take engineering subjects only when you are very confident about it. In case you are short of time then you can select subject like sociology , public administration etc but you should select subjects only in case you feel you have the natural tendency to understand the topic.

9. Develop your hobbies. Develop in the sense you should know everything about your hobbies. For Example if singing is your hobby, then you should be well aware of musical notes, folk songs, different musical gropus etc. If your hobbies is plantation, then you should be well aware of various common plants and related issues.

10. The Best time to start IAS preparation is from 1st year of graduation. At that time enroll for correspondence course and enroll for classroom course in 2nd/3rd year if possible.

11. The basic prepartion for IAS starts at school time in the ideal case. Cover all your NCERT books properly, GK and related things. Read atlas. Whenever you visit any place, make a note of it. Keep on writing in a note book.

12. Choosing right subjects in mains will also determine your success.

13. Hardwork, patience and faith are the keys of success for IAS exams.In exams you can write good answers in mains but UPSC is very traditional in approach, they wants you to be very bookish besides your writing skills and proactive approach.

14. Complete last 20 years papers atleast 6 months before the exams. Practice lot of questions.

15. Develop your writing skills. Practice English questions also in case English is your week point.

16. If you have good command over regional language, then selecting those languages as the medium or as subject (in case you have completed yor graduation in the subject), is expected to help you. From 2013 you can take language subjects only when you have taken it in your graduation also.

17. For Engineering students Physics and Maths are also good option only if they are good in these subjects and have sufficient time for practice.

18. Whichever subject you plan to choose, go through the concerned NCERT books atleast once, 6 months before the prelims. Also before prelims try to go through atleast one subject of the mains. Go through the India Year book properly. It is helpful for both prelims and Mains. India year book is must.

20. You cannot complete the syllabus/topics completely. However whatever you read study you should be able to recall prperly. Be clear in your thoughts. Be positive and confident.




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