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Inkjet Printers Vs Laser Printers (back to computer page)

Inkjet Printers Vs Laser Printers

Color inkjet printers are cheap (starting from Rs 1500 - Rs 2000 ), last a couple of years and everybody uses them. Easy to use. It is much easy to refill the cartridge when compared to the laser printers.

COlor inkjet printers consumers very less electricity as compared to laser printers. Almost 6-10 times more depending on the printer.

"The general rule of thumb is that the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the disposable costs for refills and so on."

For companies it is not actually the printer which brings the profit, but it is the cost of the cartridge which gives real profit to the companies. So when you purchase any printer make sure that it is easy to refill at home.

Normally inkjet printers are slow as compared to laser printers.

Inkjet printers make lot of noise when compared to laser printers

A single cartridge from a laer printer can give printout 5-10 times more than the inkjet cartridge. But inkjet cartridge itself is 5-10 times cheaper than the laser printers.

Printing back to back in printers is a big problem. Limited options are available in case of inkjet printers.

Now a days every companies makes cartridge which are just not easy to refill. They are making chip based laser cartridge or chip in the printer in case of inkjet printer. The function of the chip is to make sure that you dont use refilled cartridge or in other way we can say that they are for to make sure that you are not able to use refilled cartridges.

If you use to print less than 300 pages per day, inkjet printers are a good option. If you take print out only on one side of the paper and you can refill cartridge smartly on your own than even 700 - 1000 pages per day would be cheap for you.

In case you dont have time for refill and you take more than 10,000 pages per month than laser printers are a good option especially when printing on the back side of the page is a main concern. If you dont have time then laser printer you should opt for. if you have labour which can take printout, then inkjet printers can solve your problem to some extent.

In case you plan to use only the original cartridge and refilling is not your preferred option and monthyl print > 5000 pages, then certainly laser printer you should opt for.

Not lot of companies make cartridge which is compatible with the printers of well known companies. COmpanies making compatible cartridges includes brothersoft, odyssey etc. These compatible cartridges are very cheap. So before purchasing check if any such comptaible cartirdge for a given printer is available in the market.

Inkjet printers can print color at a very nominal rates. However if you want to purchase color laser printers, they are very expensive and if your usgae is less than thousands, investment in color laser printers is something which you should not opt for.

"For small amounts of color printing it's much cheaper to use an inkjet,""If a business plans on printing a large amount of color it may be worthwhile to buy a color laser printer."



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