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Before purchasing any hard disc in India for computer:

Compatibility. If you’re buying a hard drive, make sure your computer (motherboard, Processor)supports that kind of hard drive. If your computer is about 8 years old, it probably still uses the EIDE/PATA interface. But if your computer is almost 5 years old, it might include the first generation SATA interface (SATA150). If you just recently purchased your computer, it should have the second generation SATA interface (SATA300).

Capacity and Speed. A lot of people think that when you’re gonna buy a hard drive, you should always get the highest capacity available in the market. That is wrong. If you’re gonna buy a hard drive, make sure its capacity is not too big OR too small. Its speed is a bigger factor. Make sure you are going to buy a hard drive with at least 7200RPM spindle speed (for desktops). If you are just gonna use the hard drive for media centers or just basic file storage, 5400RPM is enough. And some hard drives at 5400RPM beat some 7200RPM hard drives according to benchmarks. For laptops, you have to be aware that heat is a factor, so a slower spinning hard drive may be advised.

Brand / Reliability. All companies make mistakes and great products so don’t go buying a Seagate just because you have been a Seagate fan for years. Sea gate is a market leader in hard disc but hard disc from sea gate is also faulty sometimes. In India the seller (shopkeeper) is hardly interested in seeing the batch. There have been many examples when the hard disc selling in India are basically the ones which are mentioned as faulty on seagate website (personally experienced). Whenever you purchase hard disc check the code mentioned on the hard disc on the internet if hard disc of that batch is faulty or not.

Repairing: In India repairing is a big problem. Even in case the hard disc is under guarantee. try to have the hard disc who has the repairing center in your city/nearby. Most of the companies outsource the repairing work and very few have their own repairing centres. Some hard disc never face the problem in 10 years and some have problem in a 1 year. SO its all about batch, luck and code of the hard disc.

Most of the sellers (shop owners) in India hardly knows any technical details, and even if they have any they would not like to share. So reading books and on net is a better option before purchasing. Asking shop owners, which hard disc is good is like asking a ayurved doctor if heart valve operation would be successful or not.



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